Emotions as muse
and chaos alongside.

Rya forms each artwork intuitively; materials, colors and shapes are applied based on her present emotions and inner state. Her practice is meditative and experimental, and she is constantly searching for the perfect composition; this process looks a bit different for every artwork.

Thematically, her art practice is rooted in the concept of chaos, with all of its facets and meanings. In Greek mythology, chaos is described as non-being, which can also be called emptiness. According to this narrative, time brings order, continuity, and progress into the world. Daring to look at chaos means stopping time for a moment and allowing the possibility of a different order and time to appear.

Discovering beauty in the greatest chaos and understanding apparent mistakes as new opportunities – that is also the quintessence of her artistic work. 

Rya explores these and other thoughts through various media, including resin sculptures and using brushes and spatulas to apply acrylic or ink on paper.


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